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Standard Repair Package


This is the least expensive repair package we offer, but don't let that fool you into thinking that this repair lacks the quality of the other packages - it simply doesn't include bespoke components.

Combining practicality and sharp looks coupled with comfort and economy, this package is perfect for anyone looking to refurbish their beloved footwear on an economic budget without worry or question. Featuring our finest leather soles, DM rubber heels and our care and attention, we can ensure you'll be strutting out of our store in style. 



Just like any of our repairs, different heel top options are available - including 1/4 rubber, 1/4 iron and hardened rubber, 

Tailored Repair Package


This repair package is designed for those seeking that extra personal touch with their repair. Ensuring your shoes stand out from the crowd, the bespoke repair package offers you various different ink, stain and heel cut variations to suit your taste. For a slightly increased price, you can add that little bit of flair to your shoes that makes them truly your own. Choices include the following:

  • Dovetail and 'V'-cut heel blocks

  • A spectrum of ink colours and designs

  • Various stain combinations

  • Brass heel nails


​If there's anything you can think of that we may have missed, we'll be happy to try and arrange something to include your ideas. Just like our standard repairs, different heel top options are available - including 1/4 rubber, 1/4 iron and hardened rubber,

Premium - Tailored Repair Package


If you're seeking unrivaled excellence, then this repair is for you. "What's so different about JR soles?" I hear you ask.  JR Leather is notably hard wearing, dermatologically kind and exceptionally comfortable to wear, and it's soles are a product of first class quality that is robust, extremely flexible, waterproof and yet breathable.

Featuring superior quality JR leather soles, you can opt to have a standard Premium repair, with standard heel cuts and inking, etc. Or you can really push the boat out and opt for a Premium - Tailored repair package. This package includes the luxury JR soles, coupled with the custom finish that our Tailored Repair Package offers. This is the créme de la créme of shoe repair.

Leather Repair Options

Standard, Bespoke or Superior

At The Menders, we pride ourselves on our 'extra mile' service, and our attention to detail. We love your shoes just as much as you do, and we're extremely passionate about going further to deliver to you the repair you deserve. Whether you're seeking a personal touch, or if you just want to bring new life to your favoured footwear, we have the ideal package for you to suit your budget and style. You can also choose to have supreme JR (John Rendenbach) soles which are world renowned for their superior quality and finish, coming to us pre-tanned and pre-stained.

ALL of our repair packages are available in compliance with full or half leather sole options.


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