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Co-Chief, Quality Controller, Engraving Specialist


Chief, Shoe Repairer

Meet The Team



What a load of cobblers!

Our team will ensure that your items are in safe, capable hands. Learn more about each member below.

Simon is the boss & owner of The Menders Ltd, and you'll often find him in the workshop producing exquisite leather repairs. He is married to Jackie and is a father of three - Chris, Mell and Bekki. Trained by Mr Minutes, Simon has been shoe repairing for over 30 years now, developing his skills and broadening his knowledge for the trade. Ensuring his business employs an 'extra mile' ethos, Simon has succesfully managed to develop a solid foundation for an honest business with superior professionalism.


In his spare time, Simon is a keen fisherman, and also enjoys spending time developing his musical skills, learning guitar and bass guitar. 

Jackie, wife of Simon is co - owner and director of The Menders Ltd. If she's not buzzing round the shop whipping us into shape, she's spending her time elsewhere studying hairdressing, teaching swimming, or caring for the elderly. Jackie is a guitarist also, and is currently pursuing learning the piano. 

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